Nobody likes a bad date

Change your odds with bod

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Say hello to bod, your plan b.

We can probably agree that not all dates go as expected. Why should you have to sit through another bad date? The bod app is the perfect way to ditch the dud and move on with your night! Simply download the bod application, create your account and you're ready for your next date. The bod app connects you with other nearby users that might also be on a bad date.
Life is short... why settle?
Love is just around the corner.

As easy as
1, 2, 3...

1. Match

2. Message

3. Meetup

Ever wish you could turn a bad date into a good date?
The bod app gives you permission to do just that! The app connects other app users within your vicinity
-- both fellow bad-date sufferers and app members -- turning one bad date into a real-time experience that you now can control.

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Love is just around the corner.

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