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Your information was successfully submitted. Thank you for wanting to be an alpha bod app TestFlight tester.

We are excited to have you onboard for our historic beginnings that will change the way in which we date, and connect in a brand new and positive way.

Please note that as an alpha tester there maybe bugs, and as a location based app there may not be folks as of yet to connect with in real time since the alpha testing allows a limited amount of warm bodies.

We look forward to any and all feedback.

Below are instructions for installing the app on your phone. Please follow the instructions for your specific phone type:

Starts with getting the initial invite email from iTunes Connect TestFlight…

  1. Now that you’ve received your official invitation start by clicking on the Start Testing button in the email that you received from iTunes.

2. Download the TestFlight app from iTunes.

3. Click on the open button on the right side of your iPhones screen.

4. Choose your desired notification preference.

5. In your email from iTunes there is a TestFlight invitation code, type that code into your iPhones screens widow.

6. Click button on the right of your screen to accept.

9. Click button on the right of your screen to open.

10. Hello world. You have successfully installed the alpha BOD app. Go out, bang it up and road test away. Merci!


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